Team of Coaches

The Global Coaching Institute brings together an international team of highly experienced organisational coaches, skilled in mobilising the talent, creativity, and commitment of your leaders and the ‘teams of teams’ that drive performance.

We adopt a ‘whole-of-system’ perspective, coaching executives, leaders, and teams to deeply engage with the essence of the organisation’s mission, strategic and cultural priorities.

Rho Sandberg

As an executive coach and coach trainer, Rho understands that leadership cannot be taught, but is cultivated as leaders consciously engage with the opportunities and challenges their mission, role and environment present. Rho partners with leaders to build the curiosity and agility essential to embracing disruption and leading transformation in VUCA environments. She assists them […]

Kylie Scott

Kylie supports others to see—and be—themselves in new ways. She is an experienced leader, consultant, and executive coach with expertise in strategy, leadership, change, culture, inclusion and diversity, and communication. Throughout her 25-year corporate career, Kylie designed and led organisational development programs across teams, functions, and large organisations, shaping policy and practice, and coaching executives, leaders […]

Richard Ede

It is my mission to help organisations thrive in the face of unparalleled expectations on leadership, and champion the complexities of diverse workforces, to create inclusive cultures that respect the humanity of every person. As a person who has enjoyed a successful career and held leadership positions, I feel a strong sense of belonging in […]

Kate Hampton

Kate is an experienced coach with over 20 years leadership experience in the Australian Public Service (APS). Kate has contributed to outcomes delivered by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) and Department of Defence. Areas of expertise include managing change, conflict management, HR consultancy, APS recruitment and selections, training, and […]

Kathy Syben

Kathy’s deep insights into the machinations of organisational transition are drawn from her many years of strategic and hands-on roles as a People and Culture executive. With extensive experience coaching leaders across Australia and Asia, Kathy identifies and understands the cultural, organisational and individual nuances that can either act as accelerators or decelerators in meeting […]

Maura Croghan

Maura Croghan is an energetic and highly motivated executive and conflict management coach, facilitator and human resource professional. Maura partners with her clients to achieve the insights, relationships and practices essential for healthy workplaces. Maura works with leaders, people managers and their teams, supporting them to collaborate by sharing information and skills that generate greater […]

Dr. Diana Collett

Coaching is a highly effective way to foster deeper insight and responsibility in how we approach the future. A graduate of the GCI program, Diana finds this training supports clients to make powerful lasting changes that are personally significant. She is an experienced executive coach, psychotherapist, and consultant with a doctorate in power, rank, and […]

Daphne Hiew

As a coach with executive leadership experience across both the public and private sectors, Daphne understands the unique challenges of different organisational environments across a range of industries. Daphne works with emerging and current leaders to help them identify their values, articulate their career aspirations, and to build confidence in their individual strengths. Daphne also […]

Aarti Shyamsunder, PhD

In a career that has spanned boundaries, Dr. Aarti Shyamsunder (she/her) has worked in various applications of psychology and behavioural science to help leaders and organizations reach their greatest potential and thrive. Aarti’s vision for coaching is to be a conduit for change. Through her career, she has applied a balance of science and art […]

Sarah Yanicki

As an Executive coach, Sarah is passionate about supporting leaders to navigate complex challenges and drive organizational success while enabling work environments where people can thrive, innovate, and grow. Sarah’s collaborative approach sees the coach and client working alongside one another to explore opportunities and challenges as they arise, turning everyday experiences into powerful lessons […]

Kerrie Clarke

Kerrie Clarke is a coach with more than 30 years’ experience working with organizations to develop skills, build capacity and strengthen communication. Her background in public relations, vocational education and organizational development has given her a keen appreciation for the connection between what goes on inside individuals, teams and organizations, the results they achieve, and […]

Alan Taylor

Alan is an executive and team coach who recognises that leadership is a journey of continuous growth, cultivated through embracing experiences, opportunities and challenges. He appreciates that true learning comes from experience, and that supplementary coaching enhances our inner ability to apply those learnings. Alan partners with leaders, exploring the true intent and opportunities, helping […]

Brian Stevens

Brian Stevens has 30 years’ experience in various Aboriginal based managerial roles across health, economic development and other sectors. He has worked diligently at improving the socio-economic health and wellbeing outcomes for Indigenous Australians and works collegially with services, government bodies, and Aboriginal communities to provide a co-ordinated and culturally appropriate response to achieve this. […]

James Kingsland

James Kingsland is a senior executive with over 25 years’ experience leading business teams in the areas of Human Resources, Transformation and Technology. After serving for seven years as an Officer in the Royal Navy as a submariner, James embarked on a business career in a diverse range of complex private, public, local and global […]

Shilpa Gogia

Shilpa is a HR professional & Leadership coach with over 15 years of experience in organization across Retail, FMCG, Start-ups and tech. Her passion lies in helping people get unstuck & realize their potential. Over the years, she has worked with new and seasoned managers, leaders and C-suite executives. She is currently pursuing coach certification […]

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