Alan Taylor


  • Associate Certified Coach (ICF ACC)
  • Batchelor of Science, University of York, United Kingdom
  • Accredited: Agile Certified Professional Coach, Extended DISC Level 1 Accredited Practitioner
  • Trained: CINERGY® Conflict Management Coach, Organisation and Relationship System Coach

Alan Taylor


Alan is an executive and team coach who recognises that leadership is a journey of continuous growth, cultivated through embracing experiences, opportunities and challenges. He appreciates that true learning comes from experience, and that supplementary coaching enhances our inner ability to apply those learnings.
Alan partners with leaders, exploring the true intent and opportunities, helping them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the situation. He encourages diverse perspectives and supports navigation of the terrain, while advocating for regular reflection to continuously learn and grow.

Passionate about empowering leaders and teams, Alan supports them in problem solving, overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals. He supports growth and development at individual, team, department and organisation levels. Underpinning this is Alan’s understanding that everything is part of a complex system, and he seeks to delve deeper to build awareness of the hidden contributing factors.

Harnessing extensive consulting experience in both traditional and agile environments, Alan adapts his methods and tools as appropriate. He innovatively tailors coaching approaches to meet client requirements, while offering the most effective contemporary practices for individual or group coaching sessions (planned or ad hoc).
Through group coaching practices such as workshops, peer to peer coaching sessions and retrospectives (practice and reflection), he empowers leaders to constructively challenge and support one another, while learning from the collective wisdom and fostering a collaborative culture. Alan employs this approach broadly in an organisation context, including vision and strategy development through to delivery diagnosis and planning.

Working with leaders navigating career transitions, Alan adeptly uncovers aspirations, needs and opportunities. His own diverse work experiences gives him a deep appreciation of how transferable skills, and unexpected paths, can lead to learning, growth and new opportunities.
Alan co-leads an international research group which validated the effectiveness of coaching led learning (paper published in 2023). He is a convener of the ANZ hub of The Climate Coaches community.

Alan’s clients include Netafim, Bupa, Powercor, Bloomberg, Origin Energy, Custom Fleet, University of Melbourne



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