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Journey with GCI

GCI offers two main pathways for meeting ICF requirements and achieving your professional accreditation as a coach.

Both approaches, commence with Module 101: E1ME2RGE3 Model™  and Module 102: The GCI Coaching and Transformation Roadmap– so that’s the place to start. 

At this point, two pathways are available to you.

Level 1 Pathway

Coaching Performance Assessment

On completion of Modules 101 & 102, you will have met the ICF requirement of 60 coach specific training hours required for the ACC credential.  You can elect to undertake Mentor-Coaching and the ACC Coaching Performance Assessment, with our Level 1 package. Once you gain 100 hours coaching experience, you will be eligible to apply for Level 1 ACC accreditation with the ICF. 

We encourage you to practice coaching with peers and associates on completion of Module 101, and begin coaching clients on the completion of Module 102.

Level 2 Pathway

(Includes Mentor Coaching & Performance Assesment)

Alternatively many students prefer to continue their coaching studies with Module 103: Coaching Untapped Potential.  Along with advanced theory and supervised practice this all-inclusive package incorporates Mentor-Coaching and the option to be examined at ACC or the higher PCC level.

An advantage of this path is that having undertaken PCC standard coach training in Module 103: Coaching Untapped Potential, you can initially seek accreditation as an ACC coach after 100 hours coaching experience; and then ask the ICF to automatically upgrade you to PCC when you reach 500 hours coaching experience.

Choose Your Accreditation Pathway

Associate Certified Coach Package

Professional Certified Coach Fast Track

Coach Training

Module 101: Coaching with the E1ME2RGE3 Model™

Module 102: GCI Coaching & Transformation Roadmap

Module 103: Coaching Untapped Potential


Group Mentor-Coaching: 7 hrs
Individual Mentor-Coaching: 3hrs

All covered in Module 103

Coaching Performance Exam & Certification

Formal Performance Exam and Debrief
against ICF Core Coaching Competencies

All covered in Module 103

Coach Specific Training Hours

60 Hours

129 Hours

ICF Level 1 / ACSTH Path

ICF Level 2 / ACTP Path

* All coaches seeking accreditation will be required to complete the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).

International Credibility

Command Higher Fees

Increased Confidence

Global Perspective

Open new doors

Create more change

Win better clients

Organisational Access

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