Kathy Syben


  • Graduate Diploma Business (Human Resources)
  • Global Coaching Institute: Process oriented Executive & Systems Coaching
  • Advanced Diploma, Neuroscience of Leadership, Neurocapability
  • CINERGY Conflict Management Coach (& Faculty member)
  • Accredited in PRISM, brain-based behavioural profiling
  • Accredited in Diamond Power Index, Diamond Leadership
  • Appreciative Inquiry facilitator (in progress)

Kathy Syben


Kathy’s deep insights into the machinations of organisational transition are drawn from her many years of strategic and hands-on roles as a People and Culture executive.

With extensive experience coaching leaders across Australia and Asia, Kathy identifies and understands the cultural, organisational and individual nuances that can either act as accelerators or decelerators in meeting strategic organisational priorities.

Kathy loves nothing more than coaching leaders to be their best. Whether they be emerging leaders or seasoned leaders who want to take a new approach, Kathy knows that uncovering an underlying assumption or a hidden competing need is the key to unleashing new potential. Her blend of curiosity, compassion and pragmatism has helped many clients to moments of insight and positive action.

Passionate about continuous learning and with a fascination about why we do what we do, Kathy completed an Advanced Diploma of Neuroleadership, deepening her understanding of the behaviours that drive our own and others’ success. Believing in the power of the positive, she is soon to embark on studies in Appreciative Inquiry facilitators course.

Before turning to coaching, Kathy spent much of her career in complex multi-national organisations where her speciality was organisational transformation, specifically, shepherding leaders and teams through restructures, mergers, acquisitions and divestments. She was renowned for her ability to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals whilst exercising respect and compassion for impacted parties. Today, Kathy brings this balance to her coaching.



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