Daphne Hiew


  • Level 2 Process Oriented Executive and Systems Coaching Program, Global Coaching Institute
  • Master of Business Administration, Monash University
  • Bachelor of Laws, Monash University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Monash University

Daphne Hiew


As a coach with executive leadership experience across both the public and private sectors, Daphne understands the unique challenges of different organisational environments across a range of industries. Daphne works with emerging and current leaders to help them identify their values, articulate their career aspirations, and to build confidence in their individual strengths. Daphne also specialises in career transition coaching, supporting clients who may be looking to change roles or are seeking clarity on the question of ‘what next?’.

As an executive leader and a woman of colour, Daphne is passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion across all levels of leadership, particularly in environments which typically have a significantly higher proportion of male participation.

In her previous role as a Director at the Victorian Department of Transport (now Transport and Planning) Daphne participated in the cross-sector Women in Transport working group, mentored with the Victorian Public Service Women of Colour Network (WoCn) and presented the first Lunch and Learn session for the Department’s gender equality group, with the session focused on preparing women for leadership roles.  Daphne understands the unconscious cultural and societal biases experienced by individuals from both internalised and external sources, and works with clients to recognise and understand these impacts, as well as form strategies to address them.

Daphne has completed the ICF-accredited Level 2 Process Oriented Executive and Systems Coaching Program from the Global Coaching Institute. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and is also the founder of the coaching practice Inner Energy Coaching. Her private clients include individuals from various industry backgrounds, including consulting, sole tradership and start-up environments. As a risk executive and experienced people leader, she has also coached individuals and teams through her work in the public sector as well as the telecommunications, FMCG and consulting industries.



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