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Module 103 Workshop is a deep dive into the world of Process-Oriented coaching and will truly ignite your personal and professional development as you step into the identity of a professional coach and begin to explore your coaching passions and niche.

Building on your knowledge of individual performance and change (Module 1), and insight into organisational systems (Module 2), you will sharpen your systemic lens as your begin to explore the impact of power and rank dynamics within organisations and communities. You will learn to coach with an awareness of social dynamics such as racism and gender inequity, which dramatically impact identity, performance and wellbeing.

Your coaching acuity and agility will be refined through an understanding of signals – conscious and unconscious communication cues that indicate precise and powerful ways of working with your clients’ emergent potential.

Module 3 incorporates an intensive focus on coaching supervision, dramatically expanding your self-awareness, repertoire of coaching interventions and use of coaching metaskills.

What you'll learn

  • Build your repertoire of coaching skills and strategies unique to each client.
  • Authentically partner with clients as co-creators in the coaching relationship.
  • Master interventions at ‘the edge’ – the unseen boundary between practice & potential.
  • Learn how social and environmental factors coalesce to impact performance.
  • Better support clients in the excitement and tensions attendant to change.
  • Track subtle non-verbal and energetic signals in clients (and yourself) for vital insights.
  • Address barriers to change, found in double signals, mixed messages & incongruence.
  • Coach with awareness of diversity and inclusion, power and rank dynamics.
  • Identify your signature presence as a coach – your style and anti-style.
  • Explore and draw upon the dynamics within the coaching relationship.
  • Lay the foundations for building a successful coaching business.
  • Access world-class and in-depth supervision and mentoring for your practice.


Workshop Component Only
Workshop Component Only
Associate Certified Coach Package
Coaching Performance Assessment
Professional Certified Coach Package
(Includes Mentor Coaching & Performance Assesment)

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Super Early Bird Price:$2,497.50 AUD
Early Bird Price:$2,608.50 AUD
Full Price*:$2,775.00 AUD

*Available on a payment plan in 3 payments of $925.00 AUD


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Special Face to Face Component of Module 103

Distinguish yourself in the marketplace, with exceptional coaching acuity and precision seen only at advanced coaching levels. Learn to track conscious and unconscious communication cues. Coach with an awareness of diversity, power and rank dynamics in organisations and society.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start Module 101 —Coaching with the E1ME2RGE3 model with no experience.

Yes—experienced coaches are welcome at GCI, and benefit from the emphasis on process-oriented coaching, which is at the forefront of global coaching. Module 102 and Module 103 are particularly well-suited to experienced coaches.

Our Accreditation Page outlines how our programs prepare you for accreditation with the ICF. To understand the International Coach Federation requirements for accreditation visit:

Yes, you can apply for RPL, details of our Transfer of Credits policy can be found here

No. About 80% of our students complete the full GCI Process Oriented Executive and Systems Coaching Program in one year, while others take time to integrate their learning.

Yes we do offer structured payment plans to make coach training accessible to you.

Our emphasis on supervised coaching practice and individualised feedback, means you will develop refined coaching skills that differentiate you in the marketplace.

Each student comes in with unique aspirations – which we cultivate. Our clients work primarily as organisational, relationship, health and life coaches. They apply their coaching skills in their current or newly negotiated roles, or as independent coaches and consultants. Many launch bespoke coaching businesses on completion of their studies.

We strongly believe in developing you as a powerful instrument of change. Skilled coaches bring high levels of self-awareness, psychological and systemic insight.
Our program pays unique attention to the structural and social power differences influencing the coaching relationship, enabling you to coach diverse clients with sensitivity.

We stand behind each of our students, understanding your aspirations and helping you to discover your own deepest path to personal development and professional success.

You will join a community of students and graduates from around the globe, bringing diverse organisational perspectives and powerful social insights, that literally expand your horizons.

Our graduates are encouraged to form peer coaching relationships, bringing together international business knowledge, social activism and profound cultural wealth.

Our programs build strong coaching communities, Many of our graduates continue to meet in peer learning groups for years to come. Our online resources are a great resource … and of course there are our advanced programs. 

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