Our graduates drive conscious, purpose driven, sustainable change.

They cultivate vision, talent and authenticity in individuals, business leaders and executives, organisations and communities across the world.

Together we are a community of coaches on the frontier of organisational coaching.
Supporting change one coach at a time, one conversation at a time.

The frontier of organisational coaching

Based in depth psychology and systems thinking, the GCI training will take you on a journey of personal and professional development where you emerge as the key instrument of change.


Perhaps you’re a coach, business leader or manager, human resources practitioner, trainer or facilitator or maybe you’re ready to turn your professional skills and experience into a new executive coaching career.

Our ICF ACTP Accredited Coach Training Pathway will give you the skills and confidence to take your facilitation and change management skills to a whole new level.

Global Coaching Institute
Global Coaching Institute
Global Coaching Institute

I learnt so much on the GCI accredited coach training program.  The training was excellent, rich in content, clear and insightful and the learning support was outstanding. Rho and Vicki are incredibly skilled trainers and coaches who know their material and teach with a passion and energy that is a delight to behold. I would recommend them as a standout for anyone who wants a holistic approach to coaching.

Sam AdkinsExecutive Coach, The Homeopathic Coach

The skills that I learned on GC101 and 102 enhanced my life and relationships, as well as my ability to work even more deeply with my clients. The program was very engaging, teaching valuable coaching, leadership and communication skills.  At another level GCI is a very supportive community of coaches where authenticity and diversity is welcomed. Even if you decide not to be a coach, your money won’t be wasted.

Ken ConnellBusiness Consultant, Mentor and Coach , Ken Connell & Associates Pty Ltd

This program stretched me, not only as a coach but as a person, like no other program. The learning was fantastic.

Louise MoxomClient Services Manager

This program has the depth and skills that are needed to work effectively with the myriad of issues and goals that clients present with.

Kerrie ClarkeExecutive Coach and Facilitator

I would recommend this programme without reservation.

Leta ChenExecutive Coach, Mediator and Conflict Facilitator

Vicki and Rho have created a masterful coaching program. It has the perfect mix of structure and process. Their skills in teaching and modelling the content makes for a fantastic program.

Maggie MulhamManagement Consultant, Coach and Facilitator

Our E1ME2RGE3 Model of Coaching™ and the GCI Coaching Roadmap™ provide you with powerful coaching and analytic tools that inform and guide the coaching conversation, while our strong focus on coaching practice helps you to develop the metaskills that distinguish great coaches.

The GCI Vision for Change

Deep, systemic results are needed in order to achieve sustainable change. But most models fall short, and old patterns return.

When Vicki Henricks and Rho Sandberg discovered Process Oriented Psychology, they knew they had found a dynamic and sophisticated technology that achieves lasting individual and systemic change. It began a 20-year journey into the art and science of Process Work and Coaching, from which the Global Coaching Institute emerged.

Vicki and Rho developed the E1ME2RGE3 Model of CoachingTM and the GCI Coaching RoadmapTM in order to share their insights and experience, and raise consciousness and awareness in leaders and organisations across the globe. The GCI methodology works with individuals, groups and teams, organisations and whole communities. It is applicable to everyone, everywhere and in every culture.

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GCI’s Directors and head trainers are both PCC accredited coaches and members of the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology.

Global Coaching Institute

Vicki Henricks

Being a coach is the most satisfying career I could have imagined.

I love to help individuals and organisations find their vision, work on issues and conflicts, deepen their awareness and build new skills. I get to know people I would never have met before, at a very deep level.

Rho Sandberg

Rho Sandberg

Coaching is one of the most powerful tools available for developing insight, agility and courage.

After 25 years working with organisations, I am sold on the value of coaching, especially in navigating complex situations.

Our coach training programs are unlike any others. You will emerge a powerful coach with the tools you need to work deeply with your clients.

Find out how GCI can help you become a key instrument for change.

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