When The Question Is More Important Than The Answer

We are certainly learning what it means to operate in environments of radical change.  Right now, it’s just hard to predict what lies around the corner.

Leaders and parents alike are finding that they’re unable to offer answers in the way they once could. For many this is a disorienting experience.  It knocks them out of their roles and identity.

But sometimes the answer is not so important as the question.  

Questions direct our attention.  They can point to outer events or to our inner landscape.  They can point to what is or alternatively they can point to what might be. A skilled questioner can help individuals and teams look toward the horizon.  They can inspire enquiry, enlisting others as collaborators and co-creators of the future.

When certainty falls away, we all need to begin asking the right questions.

At the Global Coaching Institute, the art of questioning is a cornerstone of our work.  Our graduates learn to elicit not just pragmatic solutions, but the deepest dreams that define what is important to individuals and communities.  

What questions are you asking of yourself and others?  How well can you sit with the potential of that question – allowing it to reverberate until its work is done?

If you’re ready to join others in asking the big questions of the moment, check out our COACHING WITH THE EMERGE MODEL program.  Registrations close next Monday October 25, 2021, so drop us a line or Book A Call.

In the meantime, ask rich questions!

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