Discovering Your Signature Presence

We’ve spoken in previous posts about the importance of understanding your own true nature and becoming more authentically who you are in the world. 

For coaches, this is critical to effective business success. Knowing who you are, your unique drivers and gifts, your coaching style, and anti-style, provide insight into your signature presence.

Leaders and other professionals sometimes think of this as their ‘brand’. Interestingly, those around you can usually point to your brand long before you can. This is because we are so centrally entwined in the story of our own lives that we can’t see what differentiates us. 

And so, one of the fastest routes to discovering your signature presence or brand is to ask those around you:

  • Why would you refer someone to me?

  • What are three things that you immediately think of when you think of working with me?

  • What has been different for you about our work together?

Once you get over the initial embarrassment of asking, this can be a lot of fun!


A Question of Fit

Understanding your signature presence enables you to determine whether you are likely to be a good fit for a client or not. You can position yourself for clients and organisations that are looking for what you have to offer.

It’s not only your talents and interests that shape who and what jobs are a good fit. Understanding your metaskills– knowing whether you are seen as supportive or challenging or whether you bring a sense of fun and adventure or a serious focus on accountability will help you to understand your market and reach the clients and industries that are right for you.

When you understand your signature presence you are less likely to take the question of fit personally. Instead, you will see it as a reflection of where you are best placed and can be of most service. Rather than feeling rejected, if a client is drawn to someone else you are more likely to value your own place in the world and intrinsically want to be there – bringing your gifts where they are most needed. When approached in this way, your unique coaching style is seen as a valuable tool, rather than a limitation.


Liberating Yourself

Knowing your Signature Presence is liberating. At the end of the day it’s about being you, enjoying yourself more and choosing assignments where you will have most fun and feel the greatest sense of satisfaction.

By becoming more authentically who you are, you will support others to become more authentically who they are. And for our money, that’s the power of coaching.

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