Courage To Vision The New Year

It’s been an interesting start to the year where visioning is concerned. I’m not sure about you but 2022 hasn’t exactly delivered a feeling of optimism and opportunity – at least not on face value.


The arrival of Omicron in our neighborhoods has spiked most people’s sense of uncertainty. The obvious gaps on supermarket shelves have revealed the vulnerability of our supply chains. We are reminded of the fragility of our lives in the face of nature. 


So how can we vision in this environment?


Our clients say that one of the Global Coaching Institute‘s E1ME2RGE3 Model of Coaching’s unique strengths is its capacity to work both with those things that attract us and the things that disturb us. In fact, we see disturbers as awakeners of change and potential that is habitually overlooked.


While visions are usually thought of in terms of our aspirations (this is important), a process-oriented approach to visioning also looks at how we can engage with the messier sides of life. GCI coaches regard these disturbing forces as important and significant in our growth. 


In other posts, I’ll elaborate on working with attractors, the deep visioning and dreaming that inspires us.  For now, let’s look those disturbers in the eye.


Consider for a moment those empty supermarket shelves.  If they were fuel for your vision for the future what might they have to teach you?  How might they guide you?


To work constructively with disturbances and disruption, we need to be able to differentiate between the undermining thoughts and beliefs that keep us small and genuine, though uncomfortable forces for change.  Our undermining beliefs are usually part of our everyday psyche, we carry them along with us, and if we’re honest with ourselves, we know them pretty well.  Disruptive forces on the other hand happen to us.


As I ask myself these questions, it occurs to me that in many ways the past few years have cleared us out – making room for what is new to emerge. Much of who I thought I was and what I thought I needed has been liberated…bringing me to a greater simplicity and sense of appreciation for life and those around me.


As I move past my reactivity I notice…


What am I carrying today that no longer serves me?


My perspective and my questions have begun to change. Instead of pushing forward, new questions emerge.


How can I avoid the internal and social pressures to create bigger, brighter, better goals?


How do I distinguish between the next bright shining thing and what will truly add value for the planet?


Coaches help us to refine a vision of the future that is authentic not only for ourselves, but for our times. They help us to maintain a strong focus and awareness of our unique vision for the future.


Though it is not always easy, holding a bigger picture allows us to more congruently work with the lessons and gifts that appear – sometimes strangely packaged in the form of challenges and crises.


As you vision your year and those projects nearest to your heart, take a moment to integrate rather than resist disruptions – make a place for them at the board table and in your heart.  Chances are you will feel less like a victim, and the world will be a better place for it.  


If you want to support others to better navigate the challenges this year may present, check out our internationally accredited coach training programs starting soon.


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