Coaching For A New Era

While 2020 may be behind us, and 2021 is racing on, the uncertainty associated with these extraordinary transitions isn’t. 

At the Global Coaching Institute, and CLE Consulting we’ve noticed a dramatic difference in how organisations navigate disruptions.

Those that foster a coaching culture are better positioned to handle change; whether it be COVID, meeting the shifting demands of industry standards, building a new staff environment, or any other mark of transition.

Coaching helps to empower individuals and teams. It promotes an appreciation of the drivers of change and builds confidence that employees have the necessary skills to operate in unpredictable environments. A key marker of an effective coaching culture is the level of an organisation’s willingness to open space for deep dialogue.

This means encouraging team members to participate alongside management in considering the road ahead. Together they may assess the challenges. Together they take stock of their resources. Together they seek solutions. This builds loyalty and commitment. Individuals feel seen, heard, and understood. They feel authorised to act on the opportunities that change and disruption present.

GCI invites you to integrate some of the following coaching questions into your team dialogues.

  • What is the vision for the future?
  • How are we already working differently?
  • What opportunities are available to us now?
  • What do we need to let go of?
  • What role would we like to play? (as individuals and as a collective)
  • What are our next steps?

How will you engage your workforce in the months and years to come?

If coaching is part of your strategy, the Global Coaching Institute’s programs specialise in leading change and innovation.

Please reach out to us if we can support you through our internationally accredited coach training programs and executive coaching services.

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