The Coaching & Transformation Roadmap

Coaches are miners who go to work each day armed with acute observation skills and powerful questions.

We work with respect with our clients to reveal their interior worlds; the thoughts, feelings, mindsets and motivations that underpin their decisions and inspire their capabilities. We are privy to our clients’ aspirations.We learn about the worlds they live and work in.

With our clients, we investigate the situational demands that call for their growth and strive to help them understand the cultural considerations, resourcing, political and environmental dynamics of the landscapes they traverse.

As coaches we encounter a rich array of information, offering a window into our client’s inner experience and the organisations they work in. Our role as a coach is to help clients to pick through all of this data, to wade through the white noise of their lives, in an effort to find new insights and meaning. We know that our clients hold the secrets to their own development and ultimate success in their endeavours. We also understand that some of this information may be more important and useful than other pieces.

The question for novice and experienced coaches alike is:

Where to begin?

Where do we shine the torch?

This is not just a question of how to focus our own attention as we listen to the client’s narrative, but of how and where to deepen the client’s investigation and enquiry. These should not be random choices made by each coach depending on their own interests and curiosities.

Coaches may be miners, but they are often well paid miners, reflecting the precision with which they are expected to track the learning and change process in each client.

A deep understanding of the dynamics of transformation informs the GCI coaching practice. We work with both conscious and unconscious dimensions of the client’s narrative, enabling us to achieve deep transformation.

Our understanding of individual and systemic change is captured in the GCI Transformation RoadmapTM.

We will introduce coaching practitioners to the GCI Transformation RoadmapTM  in our forthcoming program of the same name.

The GCI Transformation RoadmapTM  helps coaches understand how to best support their client’s development and the achievement of their goals. It informs our choice of coaching interventions.

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