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Join our Advanced Coaching Retreat on the Nakasendo Trail Japan.

Drawing on Jungian psychology and Processwork, this program introduces dynamic methods for coaching recurring life patterns and themes.

You will learn advanced coaching principles and skills for working with clients’ visions, relationships, careers, health challenges and addiction patterns.

Undertaken in luxurious retreat environments on the Nakasendo trail this workshop explores the impact of environment, body intelligence, mindfulness and cultural influences in a whole-person approach to coaching.

What you'll learn


Day 1:  Intention & agreement setting

Identity:  The Me & The Not Me in Coaching

Recognised & unrecognised potential in the client’s narrative.

Coaching presence & mindfulness

Day 2: Reflective practice as a coach

Exploring your own life patterns, strengths, biases and tendencies

Coaching presence & mindfulness

Day 3: Coaching the interplay between discrete elements of the life path & life myth

Coaching presence & mindfulness

Day 4: Coaching recurring challenges – health, relationships & addictions

Coaching presence & mindfulness

Day 5: Harnessing dreams, visions and the life path in coaching

Coaching presence & mindfulness

Day 6:  Integration & next steps



Day 1:  Meet in Tokyo, visit the Mori Art Gallery or local temples and enjoy an introductory evening together.

Day 2:  Reflect on your own life myth as we travel by JR to the entry point of the Nakasendo trail, exploring the post towns of Magome.

Day 3:  Walkers – this is your chance to wander the Nakasendo trail, weaving through ancient forests, and by breath-taking waterfalls, as nature speaks to you.

Day 4:  Explore further along the trail or take it easy in the post town of Tsumago, Magome and Kiso Hirasawa renowned for its lacquerware, as we move to our second accommodation set amongst the clouds.

Day 5: Immerse yourself in deep dialogue and the warm onsen baths at our spectacular accommodation (my favourite place in the world to dream).

Day 6: After breakfast served over smoking coals, its time to Integrate your learnings and experience as you return to Tokyo or travel onward to Kyoto



A dynamic advanced coaching program – integrating learning with the mindful experience of daily life.

A six day and five-night excursion into the beauty and history of Japan

Five nights accommodation*, two meals per day (dinner and breakfast only on Days 1 & 6 respectively).

*Accommodation is twin share, single rooms may be available on request but will incur additional charges

*Airfares and rail travel are not included, however we can assist you to obtain a discounted JR Rail Pass

If there is sufficient interest we will also offer a two-day Kyoto extension for guests keen to visit the cultural centre of Japan. You can express your interest for the Kyoto extension on the registration form.


Six day retreat
Associate Certified Coach Package
Coaching Performance Assessment
Professional Certified Coach Package
(Includes Mentor Coaching & Performance Assesment)

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Early Bird Price:$3,200.00 AUD
Full Price*:$3,200.00 AUD

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Are you ready to expand your horizons and immerse yourself in nature, in the pursuit of 
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can start Module 101 —Coaching with the E1ME2RGE3 model with no experience.

Yes—experienced coaches are welcome at GCI, and benefit from the emphasis on process-oriented coaching, which is at the forefront of global coaching. Module 102 and Module 103 are particularly well-suited to experienced coaches.

Our Accreditation Page outlines how our programs prepare you for accreditation with the ICF. To understand the International Coach Federation requirements for accreditation visit:

Yes, you can apply for RPL, details of our Transfer of Credits policy can be found here

No. About 80% of our students complete the full GCI Process Oriented Executive and Systems Coaching Program in one year, while others take time to integrate their learning.

Yes we do offer structured payment plans to make coach training accessible to you.

Our emphasis on supervised coaching practice and individualised feedback, means you will develop refined coaching skills that differentiate you in the marketplace.

Each student comes in with unique aspirations – which we cultivate. Our clients work primarily as organisational, relationship, health and life coaches. They apply their coaching skills in their current or newly negotiated roles, or as independent coaches and consultants. Many launch bespoke coaching businesses on completion of their studies.

We strongly believe in developing you as a powerful instrument of change. Skilled coaches bring high levels of self-awareness, psychological and systemic insight.
Our program pays unique attention to the structural and social power differences influencing the coaching relationship, enabling you to coach diverse clients with sensitivity.

We stand behind each of our students, understanding your aspirations and helping you to discover your own deepest path to personal development and professional success.

You will join a community of students and graduates from around the globe, bringing diverse organisational perspectives and powerful social insights, that literally expand your horizons.

Our graduates are encouraged to form peer coaching relationships, bringing together international business knowledge, social activism and profound cultural wealth.

Our programs build strong coaching communities, Many of our graduates continue to meet in peer learning groups for years to come. Our online resources are a great resource … and of course there are our advanced programs. 

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