The Domino Effect: How Conflict Becomes Culture

A Primer For Cultural Decline As a thought experiment, consider a seemingly trivial disagreement between colleagues. Maybe it’s a carelessly-worded email about a missed deadline, a heated exchange over creative direction, or simmering resentment over a promotion that someone felt more deserving of. These isolated disagreements, on the surface, might seem insignificant. But deeper in […]

Implicit Knowledge And Role Play In Coaching

As a Master Certified Coach I find myself often bumping into taken for granted knowledge and practices. There are things I do and I don’t even remember how or where I learnt how to do them. They are natural now, underpinned by loads of implicit knowledge.    One of the beauties of teaching for me […]

Navigating The Use And Misuse Of Power

The US House Committee’s Hearing on the January 6 storming of the US Capitol building, is disturbing listening and viewing.     Where and how to begin processing this evidence of the delicacy of the democracy we so easily take for granted? Yet it is essential that as humans, leaders, executive coaches and leadership development consultants, […]

When Your Life Story Matters

When our new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese shared insights into his life growing up in social housing, we were invited into an experience – not just of what he stands for, but how those values and vision were forged.  In drawing on his roots, he connected us again with our own life stories – inviting […]

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