There’s No Going Back

We are in an era where there is no going back. Attempts to do so will merely thwart and frustrate us. COVID has given us a taste for the potential of working differently – and now it’s time to integrate these lessons into practice. The tasks for leaders and managers is three-fold: UNDERSTANDING What do […]

Did The Start Of This Year Disturb You?

It’s been an interesting start to the year where visioning is concerned. I’m not sure about you but 2022 hasn’t exactly delivered a feeling of optimism and opportunity – at least not on face value.   The arrival of Omicron in our neighborhoods has spiked most people’s sense of uncertainty. The obvious gaps on supermarket […]

Courage To Vision The New Year

Courage To Vision The New Year With the New Year upon us, it’s a wonderful time to step out of the business of our lives, reflect on the year to come and ask what is really important to us. Our ordinary lives develop momentum. The unfolding of each day and week is the result of […]

Coaching For A New Era

While 2020 may be behind us, and 2021 is racing on, the uncertainty associated with these extraordinary transitions isn’t.  At the Global Coaching Institute, and CLE Consulting we’ve noticed a dramatic difference in how organisations navigate disruptions. Those that foster a coaching culture are better positioned to handle change; whether it be COVID, meeting the shifting demands […]