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February 22, 2022




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CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching program introduces participants to the CINERGY® Conflict Coaching model and the Not-So-Merry-Go-Round of conflict which is central to developing insight and strategies for managing conflict. With a focus on experiential learning, participants become skilled in coaching to manage workplace tensions and conflicts more effectively.

This program is of specific interest to HR professionals, experienced workplace mediators, conflict management professionals, coaches, leaders, social workers, psychologists, OH&S professionals, union representatives, complaints managers and others interested in conflict coaching.

What Will You Take Away? 

CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching is a dynamic approach to conflict management. It uses powerful questioning frameworks to support individuals to:

  • Develop insight
  • Build conflict management capabilities
  • Prepare for challenging conversations
  • Foster ownership and responsibility for outcomes
  • Manage conflicts effectively


Conflict Management Coaching enables individuals to confidentially access support, explore their concerns and develop strategies to reduce the likelihood of conflict escalation. It may be used when individuals are reluctant to openly identify conflict or in preparation for bringing parties together. 

Recognizing its contribution to the management of workplace conflict and conflict capacity building many organizations have introduced conflict management coaching for managers and employees to support early intervention and effective conflict management. Enabling individuals to develop insight and make informed decisions, Conflict Management Coaching enhances the success of traditional ADR methods such as mediation and has been successfully applied in escalated conflicts and employee relations matters.


Delivery method: Zoom – links and passwords to be sent prior to commencement of course.

Additional reading and activities and skills practice also included.

Skills practice sessions are included in the training.  4 hours – Three hours practice in peer groups and one hour of final supervision. Practice sessions are held according to your mutual choice i.e. Zoom, Microsoft Teams. One session is supervised by a coach mentor.

ICF Credits

For Virtual program delivery participants receive 24 Continuing Coach Education units (CCE) as approved by the International Coaching Federation. 

Early bird expires: February 8, 2022

Early Bird $2,190 (incl GST)
Course Fee $2,540 (incl GST)


Introducing Rho Sandberg


Rho Sandberg is the CEO of CLE Consulting Australia and founding Director of the Global Coaching Institute delivering coach training programs in Australia, USA and Europe. 


Rho is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) as recognised by the International Coach Federation – one of only 24 MCCs in Australia.  Rho draws from over 2500 hours experience as an executive and leadership coach. 


An authority in the fields of neurology, education and psychotherapy, Rho applies the principles of neuro-leadership to enable leaders to recognise their default patterns and harness opportunities for personal and cultural change.  She draws on three decades of mindfulness studies, to cultivate improved self-regulation, decision making and relationship skills.


As an executive coach, Rho supports leaders to develop the insight, agility and courage needed to transform immediate challenges into growth opportunities.  Rho has a passion for team and systems coaching. She works with executive teams to explore individual and shared assumptions, communication and interaction patterns in order to enhance decision-making, collaboration and organisational effectiveness. 


Rho holds a Masters in Cognitive Science and a Masters in Organisational Change and Conflict Facilitation (USA).  She draws on her graduate studies to assist individuals and groups to understand the influence of power, diversity and rank dynamics on organisational performance and relationships.  She has an avid interest in the emerging field of Power Intelligence.  Rho has lectured and delivered workshops in Australia, South Africa, the USA and Europe in advanced facilitation skills for eliciting diverse voices in workplaces and communities and working with volatile conflicts.


You can start Level 1 —Coaching with the E1ME2RGE3 model with no experience.

Yes—experienced coaches are welcome at GCI, and benefit from the emphasis on process-oriented coaching, which is at the forefront of global coaching. Level 2 and Level 3 are particularly well-suited to experienced coaches.

Our Accreditation Page outlines how our programs prepare you for accreditation with the ICF. To understand the International Coach Federation requirements for accreditation visit:

No. About 80% of our students complete the full GCI Process Oriented Executive and Systems Coaching Program in one year, while others take time to integrate their learning.

Yes we do offer structured payment plans to make coach training accessible to you.

Our emphasis on supervised coaching practice and individualised feedback, means you will develop refined coaching skills that differentiate you in the marketplace.

Each student comes in with unique aspirations – which we cultivate. Our clients work primarily as organisational, relationship, health and life coaches. They apply their coaching skills in their current or newly negotiated roles, or as independent coaches and consultants. Many launch bespoke coaching businesses on completion of their studies.

We strongly believe in developing you as a powerful instrument of change. Skilled coaches bring high levels of self-awareness, psychological and systemic insight.
Our program pays unique attention to the structural and social power differences influencing the coaching relationship, enabling you to coach diverse clients with sensitivity.

We stand behind each of our students, understanding your aspirations and helping you to discover your own deepest path to personal development and professional success.

You will join a community of students and graduates from around the globe, bringing diverse organisational perspectives and powerful social insights, that literally expand your horizons.

Our graduates are encouraged to form peer coaching relationships, bringing together international business knowledge, social activism and profound cultural wealth.

Our programs build strong coaching communities, Many of our graduates continue to meet in peer learning groups for years to come. Our online resources are a great resource … and of course there are our advanced programs. 

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