Navigating The Use And Misuse Of Power

The US House Committee’s Hearing on the January 6 storming of the US Capitol building, is disturbing listening and viewing.     Where and how to begin processing this evidence of the delicacy of the democracy we so easily take for granted? Yet it is essential that as humans, leaders, executive coaches and leadership development consultants, […]

When The Bubble Bursts: Coaching The Hidden Vulnerabilities Of Power

The recent Australian election has been a salutory lesson in the importance of reliable feedback.  The emergence of the so-called “teal independants” women traditionally aligned with the conservative parties has been a shock. Unsatisfied with a lack of accountability in government, the treatment of women and too little action on climate change, they have stepped […]

When Your Life Story Matters

When our new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese shared insights into his life growing up in social housing, we were invited into an experience – not just of what he stands for, but how those values and vision were forged.  In drawing on his roots, he connected us again with our own life stories – inviting […]

To Cultivate Trust And Safety In Coaching We Need To Acknowledge Racism

At GCI we believe that if the coaching profession is to truly embrace what it means to create trust and safety with our clients, we need to move beyond generic approaches to demonstrating respect and non-judgment.  While these practices are important, they don’t address the distinct challenges faced by the global majority.    As a […]

Rediscovering Your Authentic Self

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are” Brenee Brown   When Spirits Are Flagging… At a time when most workplaces are struggling to maintain morale, people need more than ever, to be seen for who they truly are.  Rather than backing […]

There’s No Going Back

We are in an era where there is no going back. Attempts to do so will merely thwart and frustrate us. COVID has given us a taste for the potential of working differently – and now it’s time to integrate these lessons into practice. The tasks for leaders and managers is three-fold: UNDERSTANDING What do […]

Did The Start Of This Year Disturb You?

It’s been an interesting start to the year where visioning is concerned. I’m not sure about you but 2022 hasn’t exactly delivered a feeling of optimism and opportunity – at least not on face value.   The arrival of Omicron in our neighborhoods has spiked most people’s sense of uncertainty. The obvious gaps on supermarket […]

Courage To Vision The New Year

Courage To Vision The New Year With the New Year upon us, it’s a wonderful time to step out of the business of our lives, reflect on the year to come and ask what is really important to us. Our ordinary lives develop momentum. The unfolding of each day and week is the result of […]

Approaching The Tipping Point

Many individuals and communities feel they are at a tipping point at the moment.  The question is which way will they tip?    Largely this is a question of awareness … of the place from which we view ourselves and the world around us.  We act in response to how we see the world, to […]

Showing Up: Dialogues About Race & Inclusion

Racism, sexism, homophobia and able-ism are endemic.  Deeply ingrained into the fabric of our society and organizations, they shape our ways of thinking and relating.   These default patterns have become so enmeshed in daily life that for many of us they are difficult to identify and address. Often it is only those who live day […]

When The Question Is More Important Than The Answer

We are certainly learning what it means to operate in environments of radical change.  Right now, it’s just hard to predict what lies around the corner. Leaders and parents alike are finding that they’re unable to offer answers in the way they once could. For many this is a disorienting experience.  It knocks them out […]

Coaching For A New Era

While 2020 may be behind us, and 2021 is racing on, the uncertainty associated with these extraordinary transitions isn’t.  At the Global Coaching Institute, and CLE Consulting we’ve noticed a dramatic difference in how organisations navigate disruptions. Those that foster a coaching culture are better positioned to handle change; whether it be COVID, meeting the shifting demands […]

Visioning A New Future

Those who attended our last event – Visioning 2021:  A Process Oriented Approach experienced the power of connecting in a deeply embodied way with their fullest potential.  Going beyond aspiration and imagining, we worked at the essence level, to invite deep and profound transformation. Drawing on the principles of quantum science and neuroscience, GCI coaches […]