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Participants in our programs come from a diverse range of backgrounds and organisations. Some are from government departments, not for profit organisations and community services. Others are from the corporate sector or work in delivering professional services.

We believe the diversity in our student cohort adds to the value each receives in learning to work with complex issues, a range of personal and cultural perspectives and differing priorities.

Our programs are designed for:

  • Corporate and business environments
    Senior managers, company directors and business owners interested in developing coaching skills, building a coaching culture or transitioning into a coaching role.
  • Organisational change facilitators
    Organisational development and human resource practitioners and consultants leading change and development programs.
  • Facilitators, teachers, trainers,
    health and fitness educators and yoga teachers.
  • Psychologists, therapists and counsellors
    wanting to add coaching to their skill set.
  • People
    who are interested in the application of Processwork theory and frameworks to personal and organisational development, and leadership.

Our programs are suitable for:

  • Professional development
    Our training will increase your skills in navigating complex environments, cultivating vision, talent and authenticity and facilitating powerful conversations.
  • Career changers and new coaches
    If you are ready to bring your work and life skill and experience to a new career in coaching, our training will give you the skill and confidence to get started.
  • Experienced coaches
    No matter what your level of experience, you will gain new ways of working with your clients and deepening the work you do.
  • Personal development
    More effective communication, more powerful ways of being in relationship, better listening skills, a stronger sense of your way of being? You’ll get that too!

Our students all tend to have an interest in some of the following: personal and organisational development and change; self-awareness; psychology; motivation; high performance; capacity building; leadership; power; social change, bringing out the best in people and finding meaning in organisational life.

I learnt so much on the GCI accredited coach training program.  The training was excellent, rich in content, clear and insightful and the learning support was outstanding. Rho and Vicki are incredibly skilled trainers and coaches who know their material and teach with a passion and energy that is a delight to behold. I would recommend them as a standout for anyone who wants a holistic approach to coaching.

Sam AdkinsExecutive Coach, The Homeopathic Coach

The skills that I learned on GC101 and 102 enhanced my life and relationships, as well as my ability to work even more deeply with my clients. The program was very engaging, teaching valuable coaching, leadership and communication skills.  At another level GCI is a very supportive community of coaches where authenticity and diversity is welcomed. Even if you decide not to be a coach, your money won’t be wasted.

Ken ConnellBusiness Consultant, Mentor and Coach , Ken Connell & Associates Pty Ltd

As an experienced coach, I was looking for a way to deepen my skills and fine tune my coaching style.  Cue Process Oriented Coaching!  Learning a process oriented approach to coaching has been a profound and satisfying way to focus on following my client through subtle cues and deepening their awareness with a laser like ability to track the clients movements.  My ability to be present to the indicators of my client has certainly heightened as has my awareness of the power of my own intuition in response to how my client (and myself) are showing up in the moment.  Ultimately, Process Oriented coaching is a great way to clear your own filters, see your clients more clearly, and move with what is unfolding with flexibility, presence and grace.

Anneli BlundellDirector, Motivation Matters

Having received global acclaim in the field of sustainable development, I myself and my company Landmatters Pty Ltd have benefited significantly from Rho and her team’s expertise – so much so that I am now focusing my consulting business to help coach individuals, businesses and organizations following their model.

Chris WaltonExecutive Coach & Consultant, Winner of the World’s Best Environmental Development Award

Other than the normal relationship issues faced by business leaders, our business contains additional complexities due to its cultural, geographic and disciplinary diversities.  Vicki’s guidance and assistance in effective communication, awareness of self and environment, and immersion in the process oriented learning process has enabled us as owners to grow as leaders, and taken our business to levels we initially never dreamed possible.

Tim PetersChairman, ADG International

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