GCI ACTP Accredited Training Barcelona, Spain – 2017 GCI 101 and GCI 102

Join us in Barcelona Catalonia, famous for its museums, art galleries, tapas, concerts, modern architecture and works of Antoni Gaudi including La Sagrada Familia. This five day intensive coach training workshop is designed for both new and experienced coaches. It combines two of GCI’s modules which are also part of the GCI ICF ACTP Accredited Coach Training Pathway:

GCI 101 – Coaching with the E1ME2RGE3 Model™

You will learn an exciting new and unique advanced model of coaching based on depth psychology and systems thinking. This module will expand your awareness and develop your skills to listen deeply and ask powerful questions.

GCI 102 – The GCI Coaching Roadmap™

You will be introduced to leading edge concepts in human development and social change, which provide a strong theoretical and skills based platform in the field of organisational coaching.

Accredited Coach Training Pathway

Those looking for an ICF credential can attend the five day intensive and also participate in additional online learning, reading, peer group and tele-class activities.

Continuing Accreditation Points

Already Accredited Coaches can gain CCEU points toward their ICF renewal.

More Information

International Process Work Faculty, Students and IAPOP members should email us regarding a special offer for the ACTP Accredited Coaching Training Intensive.

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We have created a special offer to celebrate our first program delivery in Spain!

includes online component and five-day workshop
Euro 3500 Company rate
Euro 2800 Special offer IAPOP and Individuals
includes online component and two-day workshop
Euro 1600 Company rate
Euro 1280 Special offer IAPOP and individuals
FIVE DAY WORKSHOP ONLYEuro 2700 Company rate
Euro 2160 Special offer IAPOP and individuals
TWO DAY WORKSHOP ONLYEuro 1200 Company rates
Euro 960 Special offer IAPOP and individuals