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Coaching is Situational

Imagine a CEO who is new to an industry sector, yet charged with providing strategic insight and direction.  Or an aspirational leader who doesn’t have a firm grasp on organisational politics.  Both these leaders need to orient themselves – and quickly – to how their sector and organisations work. Being able to read one’s environment […]

Choosing the Right Coach Training

I’m happy to introduce this guest post by Enric Arola, who joined our coaching intensive in Portland, Oregon, USA.  Enric has invited us to deliver this accredited coach training program in Barcelona, later this year in November/December. How to choose the coach training program that’s right for you Coaching is a discipline deeply rooted in […]

Lessons From South Africa on Systemic Coaching

  I am writing this post from South Africa – a country I first visited as a 17-year old.  It was shortly after the Soweto Student Uprising; a key moment in the fight against Apartheid.  Traveling here, I entered a society so different from my own that all of my senses were alert to the […]

Becoming a Coach: Stop Being the Expert

In earlier posts I have written about a central tenet of coaching which states the client is whole, capable and resourceful. Once we accept the client’s inherent capability and that it exceeds our own in many cases, we are on the way to becoming truly useful.  Though there is usually a learning curve to navigate before […]

The Unequal Risks of Transparency in a Discriminating World

With renewed debate in Australia about gay marriage, I am reminded of it’s impact on individuals, as well as the mainstream’s inability to appreciate diversity in sexual orientation.  I wrote this piece about the intersection of discrimination and mental health a little while ago.  I’m posting it again here because it is still very much […]

“Why Can’t They Think More Strategically?” – Power and Goal Orientation

Have you ever complained that your staff aren’t strategic enough? Have you ever wondered why those who report to you seem slow to see the bigger picture or unable to cut through the minutiae and constant operational demands? People in positions of power tend to be goal oriented. Research confirms that people with high power […]

What’s the Difference Between Therapy and Coaching?

As regular readers know, a significant number of our coaching students are psychologists, social workers or therapists expanding their service offering to coaching. But what exactly is the difference?  It’s important to us in the industry to make this clear.  At GCI. we work intensively with therapists, many of whom are at the top of […]