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Developing Precision in Coaching

With the coaching marketplace becoming increasingly sophisticated, coaches and organizational consultants need to articulate how they add value for their clients. At the Global Coaching Institute we believe one important marker of an advanced coach is their precision.  Here’s what we mean by that: Coaching with Precision Imagine you are a patient about to have […]

Coaching with Precision in a Time-Poor World

Having coaching precision allows one to work with speed.  And if there’s one thing that most organisational leaders are short on these days its time. It’s not that you want to push clients to results, it’s just that you don’t want to waste time coaching toward dead-ends. Here are three essential practices for coaching with […]

Courage to Vision The New Year

With the New Year upon us it is a wonderful time to step out of the business of our lives, reflect on the year to come and ask what is really important to us. Our ordinary lives develop a momentum.  The unfolding of each day and week is the result of the decisions we made […]

Orange Kombi Dreaming:  The Journey To Become A Coach

Some of the extraordinary breakthroughs that process oriented coaches achieve are the direct result of their capacity to work with both conscious and unconscious content.  Our coaches learn to access unconscious content in the form of dreams, body symptoms and synchronistic events. As 2017 draws to a close one of our Australian students, Lisa Klug, […]

The Breath-Takingly Powerful Coach

Recently, I’ve written a lot about coaching with a deep understanding of the systems people operate in. Right now, let’s reflect on coaching the individual.  I’m specifically interested in the question of What differentiates a good coach and a breath-takingly powerful coach? Precision and Mastery The Global Coaching Institute is passionate about coach development in […]

Coaching is Situational

Imagine a CEO who is new to an industry sector, yet charged with providing strategic insight and direction.  Or an aspirational leader who doesn’t have a firm grasp on organisational politics.  Both these leaders need to orient themselves – and quickly – to how their sector and organisations work. Being able to read one’s environment […]

Choosing the Right Coach Training

I’m happy to introduce this guest post by Enric Arola, who joined our coaching intensive in Portland, Oregon, USA.  Enric has invited us to deliver this accredited coach training program in Barcelona, later this year in November/December. How to choose the coach training program that’s right for you Coaching is a discipline deeply rooted in […]

Lessons From South Africa on Systemic Coaching

  I am writing this post from South Africa – a country I first visited as a 17-year old.  It was shortly after the Soweto Student Uprising; a key moment in the fight against Apartheid.  Traveling here, I entered a society so different from my own that all of my senses were alert to the […]

Becoming a Coach: Stop Being the Expert

In earlier posts I have written about a central tenet of coaching which states the client is whole, capable and resourceful. Once we accept the client’s inherent capability and that it exceeds our own in many cases, we are on the way to becoming truly useful.  Though there is usually a learning curve to navigate before […]