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GCI Coaching Foundations – Our ACTP Accredited Coach Training Pathway

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Coaching facilitates change in individuals, organisations and communities.  The GCI coaching model takes participants on a journey of personal and professional self-discovery.

Our accredited training is offered as a series of modules which build on each other, and provide a pathway of development for both new and experienced coaches.

Whether you are planning to enter a new career or add a new skill set to your current work, coaching is quickly becoming recognised as a highly effective tool for developing teams and individuals, and affecting change. Coaching is indeed a growing field with an exciting future.

The complete GCI Coaching Foundations ACTP Accredited Training Pathway has been designed for beginner and experienced coaches interested in extending and refining their skills or gaining accreditation.

The program comprises three modules, is generally completed over a year and comprises in total 129 hours of ICF-accredited training hours.

The GCI accredited training is designed for you to emerge a powerful coach


Develop yourself as a coaching instrument

We see this as fundamental to gaining the confidence and skills that enable you to successfully coach others.


Core principles and practices of coaching

Our program targets all the essential skills required to successfully coach in individual and organisational settings.


ICF ACTP Accreditation

This gives you international recognition as a certified coach with access to the largest network of professional coaches in the world.


Powerful, depth psychology coaching tools

You will be introduced to GCI’s powerful coaching tools and develop the metaskills which distinguish great coaches.


Hands on, personalised training

Our intensive workshops, supervised tele-classes, peer group coaching, mentor coaching and ongoing GCI Community support will help you emerge confident and ready to go!

The modules

Coaching with the E1ME2RGE3Model™ (GCI 101)

Global Coaching Institute

An introduction into the fundamental skills and competencies required of a professional coach using an advanced and unique model of coaching. This module will expand your awareness and develop your ability to listen deeply and ask powerful questions.

The GCI Coaching Roadmap™ (GCI 102)

Global Coaching Institute

A strong theoretical and skills-based platform for anyone who practices as, or wishes to become an organisational coach. Whether a new or experienced coach, the GCI Coaching Roadmap™ program offers fascinating insights into the art and science of coaching.

Coaching Untapped Potential (GCI 103)

Global Coaching Institute

A 14-week program in which you will learn to coach with the acuity and precision that many clients have come to describe as ‘magic’. Coaching Untapped Potential is designed to build grounded confidence in your practice as a coach, and enable you to elicit the client’s fullest potential.


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GCI Coaching Foundations

Completion of all three modules GCI 101, 102 and 103 equips you to apply for accreditation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC level).
The program comprises:

  • 9 days (76 hours) of face to face training in workshops, and 18 (27 hours) live teleclasses (each teleclass generally runs for 1.5 hours)
  • 14 hours of ‘live’ peer group coaching
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching – 7 group and 3 individual sessions
  • Reading, exercises, and weekly LinkedIn conversations

Completion of modules GCI 101 and 102, together with additional coach mentoring, enables you to apply for accreditation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC level) under the ICF’s ACSTH path.

The GCI Community

The GCI is building a community of coach graduates. Our Alumni provides extensive opportunity for graduates to continue peer learning and mentoring via online coaching sessions, stay up to date with events and development programs, and build their coaching networks.

Coaches often work alone without strong, supportive peers. We want to ensure that our graduates always have someone to turn to, and learn from, as they pursue their coaching careers.

Join our community and be a part of driving conscious, purpose driven, sustainable change.

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